ZARACOM – Hydrophobic Monofocal IOL Range


With Zaracom we are offering European CE range of Hydrophobic monofocal, Bi-convex, Clear lens, Glistening free IOL

  1. Zaracom – Aspheric with separate injector
  2. Zaracom – Aspheric preloaded
  3. Zaracom – Spherical

With Zaracom comes with certain unique characteristics & features all across Aspheric, Pre-Loaded & spherical range.

100% hydrophobic IOL with 100% hydrophobic polymer cross link, mono-focal IOL with square edge product.

L shape haptic for better rotational stability & centration. 360º square edge design

Refractive Index 1.51 offer a freedom from cat-eye syndrome. Smooth unfolding in capsular bag due TGI (Transition Glass Index) – 35º C.

Special UV curing process ensuring inherent UV cut-off qualities for life & smoother surface as compared to conventional lath cut IOLs