A.R.C. Laser is a synonym for laser technology “Made in Germany”. Development and production take place in Germany and A.R.C. has made a name for itself as one of the best performing laser companies worldwide.

The roots of the family business with its place of business in Nuremberg reach back to the beginnings of the medical use of lasers. The founders of Meditec GmbH (1978) brought the very first commercially obtainable Nd:YAG laser for secondary cataract surgery in ophthalmology to the market in 1982. Later on the very first excimer laser for refractive surgery followed.

A.R.C. is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and the distribution of medical lasers: Primarily for ophthalmology and ENT. Aside from those disciplines we also have a focus on dermatology, surgery, gynecology and especially on dental areas of application.